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Vegan and Lent-friendly Menu

Forno Cipollini at Journalist Square has been serving all of you, who live and work in the area, with fresh and nurishing Lunch Menu for over a year now.

This season we’re paying special attention to all of you who have decided to do the Christmas lent (or maybe give up meat and animal products for longer).

The menu at Forno Cipollini on Journalist Sq. now includes vegetarian (lent-friendly) Italian specials all day long. 

The menu includes:

  • Vegan pizza
  • Penne Primavera with vegetables
  • Zucchini risotto
  • Veggie friendly dessert

ВЕГАН / ПОСТНА ПИЦА ОТ Форно Чиполини Of course, the full menu list of Forno Cipollini is available at any time, and our pizzas are just as hot and crispy for lunch as they are in the evenings!

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Quality ingredients

One of the main conditions that Angelo Cipollini had and the one that was set as our rule number one is that ALL OUR PRODUCTS USED TO MAKE THE PIZZAS SHOULD BE FROM TUSCANY. And after a lovely tour around and visits to some local producers we established the suppliers of our flour, mozzarella, prosciutto, ventricina etc. Since that every week we have a delivery from Montacatini and we must assure you that this rule has never been broken :)

How we started

It all started when one of the owners fell in love with Angelo’s pizzas in Montecatini Terme – a small town in the heart of Tuscany. After succesfully convincing Mr. Angelo Cipollini to try our lovely country, Bulgaria, he came to Lozenets on the Black sea and started making his tasty and different pizzas 20 metres from the sea. Not all liked the fact that it was thin and crunchy but most of the ones who tried it wanted it again. Forno Cipollini is the natural development of this experiment and hopefuly the start of a long lasting culinary tradition.


During the warmer days you could sit ouside on Oborishte str and enjoy one of the best neighbourhoods of the city. Our terrace is open until 10.30 pm.