Forno Cipollini is аn authentic Italian restaurant, fulfilled with pleasant atmosphere, quality products, tumult and the typical gestures that fill the heart of every inhabitant of Tuscany. Just from this place is the chef Mr. Angelo Cipollini who inspirits life into the restaurant.
Forno Cipollini brings together modern people of cosmopolitan towns who have traveled and know the taste of real Italian cuisine. We do not make any compromise with the tradition of Tuscany and earnestly believe that our food is prepared in the best possible way.

The idea for Forno Cipollini was born in 2005. Then we had long conversations with Angelo to come to Bulgaria and to believe in the dream for the restaurant. Finally in 2012 , Mr. Cipollini fell in love with our country, brought his family as well as his sous-chef to take the path of the adventure Forno Cipollini.

You can expect an interior style synchronised with the comfort and warmth of Italian manners and cuisine which is evident both in the wood and the wine bar. Everything was done by hand for five months. Moreover, often our guests say that the appearance of Forno Cipollini has no analogue in Sofia which is the best evaluation for our designers.

Our menu is short and focusing on the pizza, which entirely is a result from the hands and imagination of Mr. Cipollini. Again, our meat is Cipollini style . All pizzas are baked on oak wood in an unique for Bulgaria oven Pavesi.

The real Italian pizza that we prepare at Forno Cipollini, differentiates a lot from the understanding about pizza in Bulgaria. Thus, it’s thinner and contains less products because we believe that the balance between taste and healthy food is vital. Тhe light meal tо digest is our key value because we believe in the simplicity of the food and not in the superfluous.

Last but not least, Forno Cipollini is a restaurant for a delicious authentic pizza as well as a place to drink a nice glass of wine at lunch. “Cipollini” as we call it in short, quickly became popular by the best advertising – word of mouth. Often we make experiments to develop further.. Our goal is not to bore our guests but to make them relax аs well as to understand their food preferences. Our regular clients say that they always feel honored and cared for by us, which is the best advertisement for Forno Cipollini.

We promise you that at our restaurant you will always find real Italian pizza. Trust us and welcome!